About Us

By understanding how dogs learn we can help them to live in health and harmony in a human world.

Puptagon’s story began when Happy Paws, a cage-free daycare and doggie hotel, opened over 13 years ago. We started to notice alarming personality changes in the dogs that were seeing trainers who used punishment based methods. These dogs began to exhibit aggression, cowering at sudden movements, and even shutting down completely. It was heart breaking to see dogs that had once been playful and happy begin to see the world as scary and unfriendly. In 2014 we decided there had to be a better way to train dogs and Puptagon was born! Puptagon only uses force free methods to train. We will always maintain that you can be a good leader to your four-legged family member without the threat of harm. Puptagon will help you to find a positive way to communicate with your canine companions. No force, no fear, and no pain.

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